About Us

786tel.com is your digital phone company. we provide long distance calling, VOIP phone service from anywhere to anywhere in the world. 786tel.com provides affordable, convenient and easy-to-use telephone service since 2007. 786tel.com has been the leading provider of long distance calling services to ethnic businesses and consumers worldwide. Our company also works with International long-distance carriers. We offer high levels of satisfaction to every customer by understanding their needs and cultures, providing exceptional value and delivering reliable communication services.

Building on that tradition, 786tel.com is dedicated to being the leading provider of communication services to communities around the world. 786tel.com services connect worldwide communities. We provide our services through our own network. 786tel.com technology assets include an extensive network of IP gateways, international gateways, domestic switches and ownership in undersea fiber optic cables. 786tel.com provides consumers and business customers prepaid long distance calling service designed to deliver the best calling card experience, including excellent voice quality, Pin less dialing, Auto recharge, One touch dialing service at lowest rates worldwide.

Long Distance calling service is our specialty and in today’s competitive market we know that price and service is everything. We bring our wholesale strength to our customers and deliver to them services at dramatic savings on each and every call. We stand behind our Rates & Customer Services.

786tel.com has produced and distributed over 15 of our own retail pre-paid phone cards at very great price.

786tel.com provides High Quality standard features such as: Free PC 2 PC calls anywhere in the world Free High Quality Video calls anywhere in the world Free instant Messaging anywhere in the world Virtual Phone Numbers (DID), PC 2 Phone, Phone 2 Phone, Web Callback, ANI Callback, SMS Callback, Global Phone cards, Online account management, Pin less Dialing, Auto Recharge Account, Excellent Voice Quality, & much more.